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Presenting Ovohorse Auctions, the equine embryo and clone auction app

Ovohorse Auctions

Ovohorse & Ovoclone, companies dedicated to equine breeding and animal cloning, have developed a new international app for equine embryo and clone auctions, available free of charge for mobile devices.

Ovohorse Auctions is an app for enthusiasts of prize horses who want to experience the exciting world of equine auctions. Users of Ovohorse Auctions can access it from anywhere in the world. Find out at any time what live embryo or clone auctions are being held, decide which you are most interested in, and simply place your bid.

There are four different types of bids available in the application, depending on the user’s preference: vitrified embryo, unborn foal, foal or clone.

On the other hand, if the user has vitrified embryos, they also have the option of auctioning them on the Ovohorse App.

The embryos and clones you bid for can be shipped anywhere in the world thanks to the Ovohorse transport system. This is a ground-breaking system that tracks the shipment in real time, making it possible to monitor parameters such as the temperature or GPS position of each shipment.

Users of the App will be able to navigate through the different functions, view the files of each embryo or clone, discovering its lineage (mother/parent), technical data, discipline (horsejumping, dressage, etc…), and track record, in addition to interesting information that allows the user to learn more about the exclusive embryo they want to bid for. The application will be available to download for free from various platforms. The App has been developed with an intuitive, simple interface by our R+D+I team. It is currently available in English, Spanish and Arabic, with more languages coming soon.

 Specialists in equine reproduction and animal cloning

Ovohorse & Ovoclone, Marbella-based companies with extensive experience in equine reproduction (OPU-ICSI) and animal cloning, have been working in the human reproduction sector for over 20 years.

In 2022 they received the European Awards for their commitment to cell line preservation and animal cloning. Both companies are staffed by highly qualified embryologists and veterinarians renowned for their expertise in reproductive medicine, genetics and cell cryopreservation.

Ovohorse has laboratories equipped to carry out reproductive techniques such as ICSI or to preserve the genetic heritage of the horse. Today, it is a reference centre at European level thanks to the progress it has made and the protocols it has implemented in its laboratories.

They also have a gene bank with frozen semen samples from stallions of different breeds and disciplines, available for inseminations to obtain embryos and foals of high value. Ovohorse is an option of trust, quality and development in this field, offering an integral service in the equestrian world for those interested in preserving or reproducing of top quality equine genetic lines.

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