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Ovohorse and ovoclone, once again the stars at this year’s sicab

Ovohorse SICAB 2023

SICAB, the International Horse Show, is the world’s leading event dedicated to the Purebred Spanish Horse (PSH), a key reference point in the international equestrian calendar, and the third most important socio-economic event in the city of Seville. This event brings together national and international breeders, owners and enthusiasts.

For the third year running, Ovohorse and Ovoclone will be present at SICAB with a highly innovative stand. As in previous editions, we’ll have an avant-garde scientific area where our team of experts will explain how the OPU-ICSI technique works to obtain more embryos per year. You’ll also be able to find out how we perform the vitrification of these embryos, or how you can preserve the cell line of your favourite horse to protect its genetic material. In addition, this year there’ll be information on two magnificent Purebred Spanish Horses (PSH) that Ovohorse works with for the OPU (follicular aspiration) technique:

“Relicario CH” is a stallion with a dilute coat colour, known for passing this characteristic on to his offspring. He stands out for his excellent gaits, good conformation and exceptional character, aspects that make him an outstanding specimen.

On the other hand, “Poseído VII” was a dappled PSH of Carthusian origin. This horse, from the Yeguada la Cartuja Hierro del Bocado, is a classic reference of the Purebred Spanish Horse of Carthusian lineage. Born in 1982, the son of Habanero XI and the mare, Poseída II, Poseído VII is an emblematic horse on an international level. He was Champion of Andalusia in morphology, and is recognised as one of the sires of the current PSH breed. His offspring include famous mares such as “Fugaz III”, “Firme” and “Hermosa XLII”, and he sired a total of 112 foals, fifteen of which were born to PSH mares from Yeguada Peralta.

Ovohorse & Ovoclone, winners of the European Awards 2022, have more than two decades of experience in human assisted reproduction and have recently entered the field of equine reproduction and animal cloning. Our prestige is based on a team of highly-qualified embryologists and veterinarians, recognised for our expertise in assisted reproduction and cloning techniques. Our laboratories are equipped with the latest technology to preserve the genetic heritage of the horse, making us a reference centre in this field. We’re also committed to research and development, with fully-equipped facilities where we develop innovative reproduction and cloning techniques.

We have an extensive gene bank that supports the implementation of different breeding techniques, consolidating us as an option based on trust, quality and development in this field. We offer a comprehensive service to those interested in preserving and reproducing top-class equine genetic lines.

SICAB is a major event that attracts a wide audience. Over six days, it offers competitions, social events, an educational programme, and significant commercial activity. The event also has a considerable media impact, with a wide range of press, from general to specialist and social platforms, covering everything that happens before, during and after the show.

The highlight of SICAB is the PSH World Championship, a sporting competition that attracts the participation of 67 countries where these horses are bred. In addition to this championship, the event hosts the finals of the ANCCE Cups in disciplines such as Classical Dressage, Western Dressage, High School Dressage, Horse and Carriage, (Competition and Tradition), Working Equitation, Show-jumping and Amazon Riders, as well as exhibitions and horse shows.

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