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Ovoclone receives prize in the genetics category at the 2022 European Awards

The European Awards

In early December, the company Ovohorse was awarded a prize in the “genetics category” thanks to the great work and research of Ovoclone: animal cloning. An award granted by the Institute of Professional and Business Excellence.

The gala, known as The European Awards, brought together the winners at the prestigious Ritz Hotel in Paris to present the awards for professional excellence and business innovation.

Ovoclone was born from the experience of the professionals that make up the OVO Group; a team of more than 150 specialists including embryologists, physicians, veterinarians and researchers. Today, it is one of the leading groups in reproductive medicine and cellular cryopreservation.

The scientific team of Ovoclone and Ovohorse has succeeded in implementing animal cloning in Spain. This technique makes it possible to clone a genetically healthy animal identical to an existing one. To carry out the cloning a biopsy of the animal must performed to harvest the cells needed to start the replication process. Once the sample has been obtained, the professionals at Ovoclone take care of the entire process, cultivating and developing the cells to obtain an embryo identical to the original animal (dog, cat, horse or camel). Thanks to their expertise in cell cryopreservation, the Ovohorse and Ovoclone team also have a gene bank of samples to preserve them for future use.

Ovoclone is the perfect combination of quality, highly trained professionals and many years of experience in assisted reproduction.

This innovative project is headed by the embryologist and CEO of the OVO Group: Enrique Criado Scholz. His professional career has been distinguished by numerous achievements in the field of assisted reproduction. With professional working experience in the best clinics in Italy and the United States, he has trained in the latest laboratory techniques and performed research leading to improvements in cell cryopreservation protocols. “We are constantly innovating, developing new procedures and improving laboratory protocols to optimize the results of genetic preservation and animal cloning”, affirms the CEO of Ovohorse and Ovoclone, Enrique Criado Scholz.

The Ovohorse project has been made possible thanks to the teamwork and experience of Enrique Criado Scholz, embryologist, laboratory director and CEO of OVO Group and Andrés Gambini; scientific director of Ovohorse, with more than 12 years of experience in equine assisted reproduction.