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Freezing of samples

Cell line

Our expertise in the cryopreservation of biological and genetic material enables us to offer the services of our animal cell line preservation bank to conserve genetic information indefinitely by freezing and storing it in liquid nitrogen.

To carry out cell cryopreservation, we require a 2-4 mm biopsy of the animal’s skin, which can then be cultured and stored indefinitely in liquid nitrogen at -196 ºC. By this means, its properties can be kept intact.

Cell line cryopreservation enables us to anticipate and prepare for any unexpected illness or sudden death that may occur.


We have a bank for storing frozen semen samples from animals with reproductive problems, or whose sporting career you do not want to be disrupted (show-jumping, dressage, or polo stallions).

The procedure is effective and very fast, as it is carried out by freezing the sample gradually and storing it in liquid nitrogen to guarantee its quality.

Consult our Gene Bank.

From just one sperm sample, a large number of embryos can be obtained…


Once the fertilisation process has been carried out in the laboratory (ICSI: direct union of the egg and sperm), the embryos are cultured and produced. They can then be vitrified in nitrogen (a type of ultra-fast freezing), and transferred to a recipient mare at any time.

Benefits of embryo vitrification:

  • Embryos can be frozen and stored indefinitely in liquid nitrogen.
  • Frozen embryos can be sold or exported to any part of the world.
  • Embryos can be thawed whenever the owner or stable wishes.
  • Embryos can be transferred to recipient mares at any time of the year.

Embryos can be transported through an advanced transport, storage and sample traceability system.



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